How to increase employee productivity

How to increase employee productivity

The cost involved in hiring and training new employees is so expensive and time consuming that managers of organizations need to ensure that they bring onboard innovative ways that would increase the productivity of employees. It is not enough for employees to have an office to work in and get a cheque at the end of the month. Less productive inputs and lower efficiency levels are bound to affect the business and jeopardize its sustainability and survival.

Below are some techniques you can take to increase employee productivity

  • Give out achievement awards: Employees are motivated by the need for social recognition; hence, giving achievement awards to outstanding employees is an excellent way to improve productivity. These achievement awards can take the form of plaques, certificates, prizes, or even special parking spaces, and are handed out to employees who meet certain performance standards.
  • Encourage and Motivate: Employers must make it a habit to always have words of encouragement for his employees. Encouraging employees helps them move forward and do even better, and makes the worker feel happy. Innovative ways of motivating them spurs them even more. For example, offer holidays or paid conferences to staff that prove to be outstanding in their field; these motivate them immensely and encourage others to give off their very best.
  • Operate an Open Door policy: Keep communication with employees open. Listen to their complaints and pay attention to the problems going on in the workplace. To increase productivity, you should spend time listening to their suggestions and add comments if necessary
  • Use a Monetary reward system: Use money to keep employees from looking elsewhere. Regularly offer small bonuses or raises to loyal employees. Set up a raise schedule, so that employees can see what awaits them if they choose to stay.
  • Courses and improvement options: Employees are delighted when they can enhance their skills and get additional learning opportunities sponsored by the employer. This helps them learn, feel indebted for the money being spent on them, which also adds to their resume, and are obliged to perform better by applying all the knowledge gained in these courses.

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