To make an Ad hoc network follow the steps below:

  1. Click start button on your task bar.

  2. Click on control panel.

  3. Then click “Network and internet” and then “networks and sharing center”

  4. Now click on “manage wireless networks” located on the left (this will only work if you have a Wireless LAN card or USB device in your PC).

  5. Click on “Add” button on the top.

  6. Then click on “Create an Ad hoc network”

  7. Click on next.

  8. Give a network name, select “WPA2-Personal” as security type. It is recommended that you give in a password as well in order to avoid hacking.

  9. Windows will now make your Ad hoc network.

  10. Again open network and sharing center from the control panel and this time click “change adapter settings” from the panel to the left.

  11. Right click on your wireless network connection and select properties.

  12. Then click on sharing tab and check mark the “Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection” option.

  13. Then click on setting button, and check mark FTP server, POP3, and Web server (HTTP).

  14. Click on ok. Then again click on ok.

  15. Now make your client machine search for WLAN networks and when you find your Ad hoc network, connect to it and start using the internet through your host PC’s internet connection. You can also share files and folders between the two computers.