How To Prolong The iPad Battery

How To Prolong The iPad Battery

 The battery on the iPad (and iPhone/iPod Touch) can drain quickly. There are several reasons that the battery could be quickly going from 100% to 0%. Below are some tips and suggestions to prolong the iPad Battery, making it last longer per charge cycle.

  1. Turn down Screen Brightness (Settings / Brightness & Wallpaper)

  2. Turn off Blue Tooth (Settings / General / Bluetooth)

  3. Turn off Wi-fi if you are not using it (Settings / Wi-Fi)

  4. Turn off Notifications (Settings / Notifications). This option allows apps to poll the internet periodically and can quickly drain your battery.

  5. Playing Games significantly drains your battery faster so limit your game playing or stop playing games on your iPad

  6. Turn off Push (Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Fetch New Data) and set mail to Manually. Fetching polls the mail server every so often and can drain data.

  7. Turn off Location Services (Settings / Location Services)  Warning: This will also disable “Find my iPad”

  8. Check all apps and ensure they do not periodically poll (Settings)

  9. Delete any apps that you do not use

  10. Go into Airplane Mode which will disable your Wi-Fi and all Cellular activity

  11. Use your iPad regularly – this ensures the electrons in the battery are moving occasionally

  12. Go through one battery cycle per month minimum (from full charge to dead)

  13. Turn off the iPad when not in use or set the Hold switch

  14. Keep the iPad between 32F and 95F - somewhere in the middle is best. Avoid excessive heat or cold.


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