There was a Problem with the Network [400] - YouTube

 Network [400] - YouTube:

400 error in YouTube and if you come across and your YouTube is not working properly and you have also updated your YouTube app but 400 error is not going that we will solve this problem. This problem often comes in YouTube, how we will solve this problem, we will tell you in the block, so we know how to solve this problem.

First of all, there are many estates to solve this problem, which you have to follow, then we will be able to solve your problem, we will tell you step by step how to solve this problem.

1. First Step Open Setting and search YouTube

2. All app Data, including files, setting, accounts, databases, and cheche will be permanently deleted. 

When you search youtube in settings, then you have to click on youtube and you have to clear data so that all the problems you have in youtube can be solved because of your youtube player data, whatever your download videos will be in youtube All of them will be deleted, you must take care of it

Now your YouTube is completely correct, now you can enjoy YouTube in a good way.