How to Add Money in Binance App Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe

If you are looking for the easiest way to add money in Binance App. So this is the easiest way. How to add money to Binance App.

To add money, you have to follow all these types, which is the easiest way to add money.

  1. First open the Binance app

  2. After opening the app, you have to click on valid Wallet.

  3. After the Wallet is open, you have to slide.

  4. When you see p2p then click on it.

  5. After clicking on p2p, you have to click on the photo funding person and you will reach the funding and here you will see many options, you have to click on p2p again, you will see in the center at the bottom

  6. The easiest way to get USDT bike, you will see it in the top corner, you have to click on it and here you have to click on Express.

  7. After clicking on p2p you have to buy USDT here so that you can buy any one like simba bitcoin and much more. To buy USDT you have to buy USDT in Indian Rupees on Google phone or paytm money with them. Transfer has to be done, after that you send that USDT and with that USDT you can buy anything like bitcoin or any other.

  8. Now you have to buy bitcoin siddha or any one of any rupee, you can write money in it and after writing you have to click on left, after that you will see how many USDT you get and if you have these If you buy USDT and buy it, then you can buy any one with its help.

  9. You have to click on confirm to purchase, after that you will have to pay as much money as you see, you want to buy USDT and you will see the account details here, after that you will have to transfer their money to the account. After transferring the money, you have to click on Transfer Payment, after getting the notification, USDT will be sent to your account and you can use the same USDT to buy any and friends I will tell you That whenever you buy USDT, you can pay on Google over phone or from Paytm and you should keep in mind that your balance in the name of the account with which you have created your account should be the account of the same name. which bank should be

  10. For more information watch this video, everything is told in this

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