Snack Videos Banned in India [Download app]

Snack Videos Banned in India [Download app]

Snack Video, one of the leading online snack providers, was recently banned by the Indian government. The ban was imposed on the Video Cricket Services portal, which was the primary source from which snack providers such as Mango, Jelly Crabs, and other similar offerings were getting. This was done in an effort to curb the increasing number of kids who are addicted to watching these video clips on their mobile devices. The government asserts it has received a significant amount of complaints from kids who were using Snackvideo portals to access unsuitable content.


The ban on SnackVideo was imposed from the Department of Revenue in a bid to stop snacking support providers from accessing the App store. The reason for the banning is that they have been discovered to be promoting videos that were unsuitable for younger consumers. According to the Economic Development Board of New Delhi, Snack Videos has become a serious source of income for many tiny companies, leading to the increasing number of children who get into the snack movie programs in their mobiles. The amount of kids who see the Snackvideo program increases every month and also the earnings generated via the program is close to $1 billion yearly.

The government is attempting to restrict this economic activity and they believe that the App shops are the major culprit behind this. Nonetheless, this is but one reason for the banning and you will find many more like Games Memorabilia, Pudge Mortimer, Candyland and lots of others who have also fallen under the ban. This, according to the government, is only likely to grow the scope for people to indulge in such frivolous applications of the programs and lead to even more children getting hooked on them. Every one these apps were released for free and as soon as the store got closed down, people needed to start looking for a new outlet, which led to the market being glutted with Snackvideo programs.

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