Tanhaji: Box office, Release date: Budget:

Tanhaji: Box office, Release date: Budget:

Doston Tanhaji full movie karne ke liye log bahut jyada pareshan Hain Tanhaji full movie online aur Google per log search bhi Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior 2020 Full Movie

Tanhaji Movie Songs

Tinak Tinak

by Harshdeep Kaur
Ghamand Kar
by Parampara Thakur, Sachet Tandon
Maay Bhavani
Shankara Re Shankara
by Shreya Ghoshal, Sukhwinder Singh
by Mehul Vyas

Tanhaji: Movie Trailer in Hindi

Tanhaji Release date:

10 January 2020 (India)

Movie Budget:
125 crores INR

Google Audience reviews


Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior honest review:- A visual treat with a fictionalised climax. Fictionalised because in history it was Udaybhan who wins the fight against Tanhaji and not the vice versa. 
Screenplay, editing, camerawork, production design, performances, cinematography etc are excellent. The Vfx is a bit tacky at some places but it’s not something that will put you off. 
The songs are not great and if they hadn’t been there then too the film would be still good as it is now.
The film succeeds in keeping the audiences hooked to the screen. 
Ajay and Saif’s terrific performances lift the film to a whole new level.
In nutshell this weekend there are pretty good options at cinema halls for Hindi moviegoers. Those wanting a more preachy kind of film should go for Chappak  and those wanting entertainment with historical drama must watch Tanhaji.

Right from the first frame, the film gives an eerie tense feel which bodes well for what's in store in a 150 min visual spectacle that's exceedingly well shot and performed. On the one side you have a Maratha warrior whose valour on the battlefield and vow to protect Swaraj from the Mughal's overreach come through superbly. Opposite to him is the Mughal commander who's a brutal killer with a sinister look to him. How one out does and out thinks the other forms the crux of the story that has a huge patriotic flavour but also a distinct vigour that's lost in some other films of the same genre. Ajay and Saif are a perfectly pitted to do the slicing and killing and together, they create a supremely engaging film despite a sluggish start. There's an overuse of CGI which does look annoying at times but given the scale of the film, it can be ignored. The bgm gets better over the course of the film. The climax battle is truly epic and looks stunning on screen. Tanhaji is overall a brilliant attempt to create an aesthetically pleasing cinematic experience, kudos to Ajay, Saif and the whole team.

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